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I have recently build myself a kind of "Ikea-hack-and-use-whatever-you-find-in-your-corners-studiotable". It is also a desk for writing, computer, Internet etc.I am not shure about the top part of it, I used chipwood panels and mounted them as an upper shelf for my printer and other computer devices. Below is the space for my computer screen, the mixing console etc. I placed the monitor speakers on the sides next to the walls of this shelf, each on two very heavy bricks. The speakers are looking into the direction of my ears, the height is okay. I built the desk in this way because space is an issue here and I did not like all my stuff cluttering around the room like it was before, it was really disgusting and it robbed a lots of space and atmosphere of the room and I had the feeling it blocked out my creativity. Now I am wondering if the upper shelf might be problematic soundwise? Perhaps I should change the sidewalls with old table legs? Disadvantage would be that the shelf would end up very high and I might have difficulties to reach my printer or scanner. I still have old auralex acoustic foam flying around, and I am thinking about placing them directly under the speaker, would they help me decoupling them from the table, or are the bricks enough?

please help

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